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Here are some features that make
Platso the #1 choice of 3,269 business owners.

for everything digital

Platso has a beautiful dashboard that shows every information you need to grow your business. All your social stats, SEO performance, competitor analysis and suggestions are in this one easy-to-view dashboard.

See precisely what your competitors are doing

Ever wondered how your competitors get more customers than you? No need to guess anymore.

With Platso's in-depth competitor analysis, you can finally find out exactly what your competitors do and how they do it.

3 clicks to social media campaigns

Platso's artificial intelligence system automatically runs and manages your social media campaigns.

Set up your social media campaigns in just 3 clicks. Platso will automatically identify the best target audience for your ads and continuously optimize your campaign for the best ROI.

Increased website security

A safer and more secure website is crucial for a better user-experience, higher search engine rankings, and more sales.

Platso checks if your website's security isn't up to par and then gives you actionable suggestions for how you can improve it.

Track visitors engagement

Platso tells you how visitors engage with your website.

So you can make data-driven decisions to grow your business.