Experience Real-Time Cloud Savings

Drive financial accountability in your organization and optimize cloud resources for spend,
speed, and quality with Platso cloud services.

Total visibility,
clarity & transparency

Unified visibility across multiple public clouds and hybrid workloads, enabling immediate cost reductions of up to 30%. Its 400+ proactive checks ensure that cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant with all the regulations and standards. Platso is deployed by IT organizations, service providers and the public sector to simplify cost governance and multi-cloud management.

Automate resource right-sizing

Constant monitoring, analysis, and reporting on every single cloud resource in your environment will allow you to detect and eliminate every wasted penny in cloud spend. Create automation policies with Platso now to drive deep cloud savings, allocate costs accurately, eliminate unused resources and get right-sizing recommendations for underutilized resources.

Cloud Instance Optimization

Platso’s machine learning and predictive analytics are unmatched in the industry. The instance analysis and optimization allows you to accurately predict the right family and size of cloud instances for any workload. Platso precision means insightful, actionable, and reliable recommendations.​

Unlock more from your cloud today

Platso optimises cloud assets and translates bills and tags into insights for real-time transparency and accountability.