4 Social Media Commandments

Author: Garcia C.

We all know, social media marketing is no longer optional for our businesses. It is absolutely critical to have a basic understanding of social media interactions to develop your brand’s voice, connect with your customers, and grow your business.

Them big words ain't cool

You'll sell more records if you dumb it down

                                                                                               Lupe Fiasco - Dumb it Down

Here are 4 Social Media Commandments:


Commandment 1: Listen to your customer


Consumers are using social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to share experiences with their families and friends. Naturally, your customers are also on social channels talking about your business. Hence, social channels are the best way to understand what your customers like / dislike about you, and your competitors.   

Listen to your customers on social channels to better understand what they like about your business and what they dislike, so you can change gears accordingly to drive higher customer satisfaction.

Commandment 2: Find your voice


It is not necessary to have a presence on all social channels and do everything. More important to find your brand’s voice, and dominate that medium. For example, as a restaurant you may want to share pictures of dishes being served. In this case, Facebook or Instagram may be a better channel relative to Twitter, primarily due to ease of sharing images, the actions you can take on it, and the word of mouth marketing that you can drive from it.


Hence, better to be focus on establishing your voice and dominating a channel versus maintaining a mediocre presence across all channels.  



 Commandment 3: Quality > Quantity


Quality trumps quantity, each and every time. With all the digital noise, it is vital that we focus on delivering quality and value each time we communicate with our customers.


Bring some creativity to the table, and curate your company’s digital presence like an art curator. If you deliver value, potential customers and influencers will visit you.



Commandment 4: Test Abundantly


This is the most important commandment, and completely contradicts all other commandments.


It is important to maintain a curated social persona, but it is also important to test different styles of brand voice to identify and acquire new customers.





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